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James Sibley is a favorite across

the U.S.A. With regular

appearances on

Bob & Tom Radio, The John Boy

 & Billy Big Show and XMSirrus

Radio its

 sure you've heard him before.
Maybe you have seen him on

 NBC's "My

Name is Earl" or with Billy Bob

 Thornton in "Mr Woodcox".

A divorced father of four, James

 draws from experiences we all

 share everyday bringing the

 mundain to hilarity.

With a "sitting in the living room

 talking" feel to his shows audiences

 across the country instantly fall in

 love with this regular old guy down

 the street delivery.

Come see for yourself

 why audiences

all over America are

 wondering "When is James

 Sibley coming back to town"?


James Sibley

Greenville, South Carolina

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